Meet the Director of College Counseling

Tim Gallen smiling with light skin and glasses, wearing a plaid shirt, standing in front of trees with a blurred natural backgroundTim Gallen
B.S., Math and Philosophy, University of Scranton
M.S., Math Education, University of Scranton

Tim has worked for Solebury School for more than 10 years. Prior to Solebury, he spent many years in college admissions. "I love being able to use my knowledge and expertise to help our students find the place that will be the perfect fit for them, and to help them find a place where all the talents and skills they learned during their years at Solebury School can flourish," he has said. In addition to his work at Solebury, Tim is also a past president of the Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling (PACAC); learn more about Tim's 2017-18 role here. In August 2022, he accepted an appointment on the Admission Practices Committee for the National Association for College Admission Counseling, after having previously served on their Finance Committee and Affiliate Presidents Council.

Student Perspective

In Spring 2019, Tim Gallen was the subject of an article written by David Getter '20 in Solebury School's student newspaper, The Scribe. Here is an excerpt...

The amount of time and energy that Tim devotes to each student is unparalleled. Solebury students — especially seniors — recognize the value of Tim's counsel and are appreciative of everything he does for them. "I bothered Tim with questions almost every week, and he always knew how to help me," said Alex Klemens '20, a current senior at Solebury. "When my SAT scores weren't received by an admissions office, Tim told me exactly what to do and how to fix it. He's also just a really great guy in general and someone I was really grateful to have by my side during my last two years," he added.

Luca Naughton '20, another Solebury senior, had equally positive things to say about his experience working with Tim. "Tim has connections to all the admissions people, and he has a ton of information about the whole college process and how it all works," Luca explained. "He definitely made this whole process much more manageable for me, and that's not something you get at most schools, especially at big public schools," he said.

Garrit Zalewski '20, another senior, had similiar appreciation for Tim, telling The Scribe, "Without Tim, I wouldn't have known where to even start in terms of applying for college. He really broke the whole process down step-by-step and made it seem much less intimidating." 

All in all, Solebury students consider themselves extremely lucky to have Tim's resources, connections, and expertise at their disposal. His contribution to the Solebury community has not gone unnoticed, and his help has been invaluable to Solebury students since his arrival over a decade ago.