Success After Solebury School

Journalist covering energy and environment at Wyoming Public Radio and NPR

“Thanks to Solebury’s small size, there were many opportunities to be a leader, whether it was through clubs, sports teams, or academically. Leading clubs, in particular, was a good chance for me to learn to organize, work with other students and teachers in a new way, and be uniquely creative.” - Cooper

After Solebury, Cooper received his BA in Environmental Policy and American Studies with a minor in Music at Tufts University. He graduated early to start working for a National Public Radio affiliate in South Carolina covering flooding. Now, Cooper covers energy and natural resources at Wyoming Public Radio and is also a part of NPR's Energy and Environment Team.

Cooper credits Solebury with helping to shape and sharpen his leadership and communication skills. Encouragement from both teachers and peers gave him the confidence to continue improving, particularly with public speaking and writing. Solebury’s small size presented multiple opportunities to hone his leadership skills, whether it was through sports, clubs, or in the classroom. Cooper’s participation in Spectrum, the school’s LGBTQ Alliance, led him to research and present topics that would spark discussion. That’s been a useful skill, which he has carried into his work as a journalist today, as it helped him feel comfortable being in a position to connect with new people and communicate ideas clearly. Overall, Solebury provided an environment that fostered a love of learning. As Cooper explains it, “my job today is a reflection of that because it also allows me to keep learning every day.”

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