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Contributions we receive at Solebury School play a crucial role in our ability to provide our community with what they need to excel. The Solebury Societies are comprised of alumni, parents, faculty and staff, and friends who devote significant philanthropic efforts to Solebury School. Their generosity allows Solebury to continue to provide a magical learning environment, characterized by creativity and diversity, and an ethos of cooperative learning between students and teachers.

Established to commemorate the year in which Solebury School was founded, the 1925 Society recognizes Solebury's dedicated supporters who contribute $1,925 or more to the Solebury Fund throughout the year. 

The Solebury Society is comprised of members of our community who contribute between $1- $1,924 to the Solebury Fund throughout the year. This is an opportunity for alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends to make a difference.

Solebury School's crest and the four symbols prominently displayed in it represent the foundational values of the school. Members of the Crest Society have given substantial gifts to Solebury School, helping it grow for nearly 100 years.

Members of the Loyalty Society demonstrate their passion and care for the Solebury School community by consistently making the School a philanthropic focus. Donor recognition is made for each 10-year commitment with special recognition for a donor's first gift and first five years of giving.

Members of the Herbert S. Boyd Society express their commitment to Solebury School by contributing to Solebury School's endowment through bequests, life-income and other planned gifts. Gifts through wills (bequests) continue to be the School's primary source of endowment. 

The Young Spartan Society is comprised of recent alumni who have graduated in the last five years and given $19.25 or more to the Solebury Fund during the fiscal year. These philanthropic members share a common goal of supporting Solebury’s continued commitment to honoring the past, while being fully engaged in the present.