Campus Hangouts


There are many places for us to work, be with friends, and enjoy some downtime on Solebury’s campus. Here’s where we hang:


The Crib

A lounge with a working gas fireplace, the Crib (shown, right) is a great place to hang out or to work. We've also gathered here for game nights, s’mores in the outdoor fireplace, and small, informal concerts.

Founders Walk

In the center of campus, when it’s nice outside, we sit around the picnic tables, on the benches, or on the hill in front of the library to study for a test or do some homework or just to chat and enjoy a little time together. There are often people playing guitar, playing pickleball, or throwing a Frisbee nearby.

Dorm Lounges

You’ll find boarding students playing games, watching TV, or just chilling out.



Between classes, in study hall, or after school, the library is open for a quiet place to think.


Dining Hall

Drop in for a snack, tea or coffee any time of day.


The Fitness Center

As long as a teacher is there, we can squeeze in a quick workout during the day, and it’s open in the evenings and on weekends for set hours.


The Athletic Center

It’s open for set hours every weekend. We can shoot some hoops, play a little indoor soccer, or work on our dance moves in the dance studio.


Around Campus

Solebury’s 140 acres include meadows and woodlands, a meandering stream, and a pond. There are massive, old trees that offer shady places to sit, a gazebo and swing set by the pond, and an over-sized chess set in front of the music building. Take in the views of neighboring farms or of deer grazing nearby. You wouldn’t believe how many stars you can see at night.